Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ruby Award

Formerly the Soroptimist Making a Difference for Women Award, the Soroptimist Ruby Award: For Women Helping Women recognizes and honors the first federation president, Ruby Lee Minar. A ruby is also a deep red gemstone associated with wisdom, importance, vitality, strength, vivacity, power and love: all words embodying the strong and compassionate women who are our award recipients. The Soroptimist Ruby Award honors women who have worked to improve the lives of women and girls through their professional and/or volunteer work.

If you would like to nominate a local woman for our 2014 Ruby Award, please  leave a comment, drop us an email or call Diane Goetz at 360-424-7627 before December 15th.  Thanks!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Named after the president of the first Soroptimist club, the Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award honors girls who are making a difference through volunteer service. Each year, Soroptimist clubs honor girls who donate their time and energy to causes that make the community and world a better place—such as working to end discrimination and poverty, assisting women and children who are victims of domestic violence, or mentoring young girls.

 The program begins on the Soroptimist club level, with club recipients becoming eligible for additional awards at other levels of the organization. One winner is chosen to receive a finalist award, which includes a contribution of $2,500 to the charitable organization of the recipient's choice.

We're currently gathering suggestions for our 2014 nominee, so if you know of a local girl already on the road to changing the world, we want to know about her!  Send us a note here or call Diane Goetz at 360-424-7627 before December 15th.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Now accepting applications!

The Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Awards give women the resources they need to improve their education, skills, and employment prospects. Eligible applicants must be women who provide the primary financial support for their families, and who are enrolled in or have been accepted to a vocational/skills training program or an undergraduate degree program.

Each year, Soroptimist clubs in 19 countries and territories assist women in overcoming personal difficulties and bettering their lives through education and skills training. The women may use the cash award to offset any costs associated with their efforts to attain higher education, including books, childcare and transportation.

 The program begins on the local club level, where award amounts vary. Club recipients become eligible to receive region-level awards, which are granted through Soroptimist’s 28 geographic regions. Currently, each Soroptimist region grants one first-place award for $5,000. (Note: most regions grant additional $3,000 awards.) The 28 first–place recipients then become eligible to receive one of three $10,000 finalist awards.

If you or someone you know would like to apply please click here for an application. In addition to your applications you will need to submit two references - the reference form is available here.  All applications must be submitted before December 15, 2013.