Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Women of SI Fidalgo Island - We Teach Our Children

My name is Trish Rodriguez and I was one of the charter members of  SIFI and a former member of SI Anacortes before that.  When people ask me why I choose to be a Soroptimist, so many good reasons come to mind. But none would be more important than the lovely young woman that stands with me among the tulips in this photo.  That beauty is my daughter, Amanda.  I was blessed with the care and feeding of two great kids; a responsibility I've rarely felt up to.  I wanted to teach them two things most of all - that they were loved and that happiness only comes in showing love to others.

Here's another picture of Amanda, taken this week in Haiti.  She is participating in travel with a purpose, volunteering a vacation with the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children. In this photo she is taking vital signs for a diabetes clinic. Words will never be able to express the fierce pride I feel as she emails me these photos, and the deep feeling that wow, did I do something right.  If belonging to a service club has demonstrated to my kids that giving back is the rent we pay to live in a country where we have so much, it is worth all the dues, all the efforts, all the time I was never really sure I had.

Being a Soroptimist has given far more to me than I'll ever be able to give back.