Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Women of SI Fidalgo Island - We're Crafty

"After spending forty years in Alaska experiencing it's beauty and challenges, I retired from being an elementary school librarian and moved to the lower 48.  During my years in Alaska I had many opportunities - built a home on a handshake, visited remote villages, fished and hiked the lakes, rivers and coastline and enjoyed meeting some very independent people - but Old Mother Nature finally got the best of me.  Go South!  I must say that I have a little laugh when a local says this area is cold; try twenty below for four months out of the year!

I love Anacortes.  As a newcomer to the area I chose to join organizations that called to my creative side as well as a love of community.  I enjoy making connections with SI Fidalgo Island projects and the needs of other Anacortes groups.  The Cultured Purls, my knittting guild, contribute to our annual Community Baby Shower with handmade blankets, sweaters and hats and the Fidalgo Island Quilters make quilts for the Books and Blankets project.  Our own talented members knit and crochet warm hats for people undergoing chemotherapy at the Island Hospital Cancer Center.  SI Fidalgo Island has a project to fit everyone - from scholarships, to crafting, to just plain fun."

Michelle Hawkins

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